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Formula1 facts and figures
F1 facts and figures

Formula1 facts and figures

Best rookie F1 drivers by performance

2023 October 14

Who is the best rookie in the history of Formula 1? To try to find an answer, we will take into account the performance of the pilots in different scenarios.

Top drivers without winning a race

2023 September 29

Approximately 86% of the drivers who started in Formula 1 did not win a single race. Some of them managed to get pole position, others the fastest lap, and the best ranking at the end of the season is third.

Decades - F1 wins by age

2023 September 23

At what age is a Formula 1 driver most likely to win a race and how has it changed over time?

10 consecutive wins

2023 September 11

At Monza, Max Verstappen managed to break the record of consecutive victories, surpassing Sebastian Vettel who almost 10 years ago managed to win 9 races in a row

Drivers winnings with constructors

2023 August 25

Which are the drivers who had the most victories with the most constructors and the most victories with the same constructor?

Formula 1 in the middle of the season

2023 August 19

In what position in the ranking were the champions from each season after the last race in July?

The debut season and a comparison Hamilton vs Verstappen

2023 August 14

Hamilton had a better start in Formula 1 in 2007, fighting for the title from the first season, while Verstappen finished his first season(2015) in 12th place.

10 victories in a Formula1 season

2023 August 2

Max Verstappen won his tenth victory in the 12th race of the season at Spa 2013. Let's see how many drivers have had 10 victories in a season, how many races they needed to reach this milestone and if it was enough to become champions.

103 Formula1 victories for Hamilton and RedBull

2023 July 29

In the Hungaroring 2023 race, the Red Bull Formula 1 team achieved victory number 103, the same number of victories that Lewis Hamilton has.

Consecutive F1 seasons on podium

2023 June 26

After finishing on the podium in the first Formula1 season, Juan Manuel Fangio and Giuseppe Farina finished on the podium in the first race in 1951, being the first drivers to finish on the podium in consecutive seasons.

Drivers statistics

2023 May 13

How many of the drivers who participated in the Formula 1 races managed to appear in the statistics for the rankings on the starting grid, the fastest lap, points or the result of the race?

Number of drivers in F1 races

2023 April 27

Even if the average number of drivers in F1 races is approximately 23 drivers per race, there were also some races with few participants at the start, even only 10 participants in a race from 1958.

Most champions on a podium

2023 April 8

The most valuable podium, with 11 championships won, is the one from Melbourne 2023. If in recent years we rarely find podiums without champions, in the past there were a total of four seasons in which there was no champion on any podium.

Top families from Formula 1

2023 March 31

Schumacher's lead almost all the charts in terms of family members' performances, but are they the best family in the history of Formula 1?

Top podium comebacks

2023 March 20

In a few races, after a start from the tail of the starting grid, some drivers manage to finish the race on the podium.

The most inspired teams - rookie drivers

2023 March 10

Which team made the best choices when they chose the debutants? To make a test we will generate reports for each pilot, but we will attribute all performances to the team he debuted with.

First race of the season

2023 February 24

Is the first race of each F1 season possible to give us clues about the podium at the end of the season or even the future champion?

The relaxed and dynamic races of 2022

2023 February 20

Considering that the ranking can change in every lap, which is the most dynamic race, driver and in which lap did the most changes happen in the 2022 season.

On the podium without starting from the front row

2023 February 14

At each race, at least one driver who did not start from the front line finishes on the podium. On the starting grid, the most frequent case is the drivers who start from the third position, and statistically most of those outside the front row will finish in the second position.

Winning the championship

2023 February 3

From the season statistics, are there any that indicate the world champion? We will analyze the world champions for victories, podium, front row start, pole position, fastest lap and finishing the race in points.


2023 January 25

Even if most Formula 1 drivers were not born in January they are first in all statistics. It is not surprising when we have four drivers who have become world champions, with many active races and at the top of many statistics.

Driver debutantes of 2022

2023 January 18

Nick de Vries and Zhou Guanyu made their debut in the 2022 season. As performers both managed to get points, a fact that only happened in two other seasons. It is also interesting that both managed to get points in their first race. Zhou also achieved the fastest lap in one of the races.

Hamilton without victory in 2022

2023 January 14

After 15 seasons in which he had at least one victory per season, in 2022 Hamilton failed to win a race, and the first season without pole position.

19th century

2023 January 7

We have eight drivers who were born in the 19th century, all of them are European and during the nine seasons that they participated in F1, they never crossed the ocean for the races in Indianapolis or Buenos Aires, nor in Africa for the race in Ain Diab Casablanca from 1958

First F1 title, and one more next season

2022 December 28

Max Verstappen joins seven other drivers who won the championship the very next season after their first F1 title. The first time Alberto Ascari succeeded in 1952-1953, and the last time Vettel in 2010-2011. For half of them, this were the only titles in F1.

Formula One For Christmas

2022 December 24

Christmas Day is linked to Formula 1 through two drivers who have the same birth dates, Giancarlo Baghetti and Wilson Fittipaldi. One of them holds a record and the other created a Formula One team.

Champions who debuted in the same season

2022 December 18

In nine seasons we have cases pilots who debuted in same season and became champions in time. Only in the first season, 1950, three debuted, in the other cases we have two drivers each. Some had less to wait, for others like Mansell it took thirteen seasons to win the title.

Kevin Magnussen on pole, a history of first pole positions

2022 December 10

After 140 races Kevin Magnussen will start from pole position in 2022 Sao Paulo race. His best performance on starting grid was position 4, two times in 2014 season. He is the 108 driver who will start from pole positions