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Top drivers without winning a race
Formula One facts and figures

Top drivers without winning a race

i About facts-figure section.

Approximately 86% of the drivers who started in Formula 1 did not win a single race. Some of them managed to get pole position, others the fastest lap, none of them won a championship or finish a season in the second position.

The easiest for these drivers is to get points, although less than 32% of them got any point. Followed by a race finished on the podium, a front row start, obtaining the fastest lap. The most difficult being obtaining pole position under 3% succeeding in this performance.

Drivers with and without a win F1

Statistics for drivers without a win

From the list of drivers who did not have a victory in Formula 1, we could say that the best is Eugenio Castellotti because he is the only one who finished third in an F1 championship, the one from 1955.

The next one would be Chris Amon, who has the most pole positions, 5 in number and 15 front row starts, he is also in the top in terms of points even if he competed in seasons where the maximum points could a driver obtain in a race was much lower than the one nowadays. The best ranking at the end of the season in Formula 1 is a 5th place in the 1967 season.

Roy Salvadori in 1958, Rudi Fischer in 1952, Louis Rosier in 1950 does not appear in any top, they finished in 4th place in the mentioned seasons but do not appear in any top. Rudi Fischer in the 1952 season only scored points in two races, both of which finished on the podium. These points helped him finish the season tied for points with Mike Hawthorn.

Jean Behra also finished in fourth place in the 1956 F1 season, being also present in the front row start and podium charts.

In the charts presented below, apart from pole position, all are truncated by a certain number. If we were to make a list of the qualifiers who finished in 1st place, we would also have to include Kevin Magnussen who won 1st place in the qualifying races in Sao Paolo in 2022 but only started from 8th place.

Among the drivers of the 2023 season, only Lando Norris occupies the 1st place in the charts, in terms of the number of accumulated points and the number of fastest laps achieved.

Top pole position

5Chris Amon
3Jean-Pierre Jarier
3Teo Fabi
2Eugenio Castellotti
2Stuart Lewis-Evans
1Dick Rathmann
1Walt Faulkner
1Nick Heidfeld
1Tom Pryce
1Eddie Sachs
1Duke Nalon
1Nico Hulkenberg
1Bruno Giacomelli
1Mike Spence
1Freddie Agabashian
1Lance Stroll
1Andrea de Cesaris
1Mike Parkes
1Lando Norris
1Pat O'Connor

Top front row starts

15Chris Amon
5Eugenio Castellotti
4Jean Behra
4Lando Norris
3Jean-Pierre Jarier
3Teo Fabi
2Lance Stroll
2Stuart Lewis-Evans
2Andrea de Cesaris
2Nico Hulkenberg
2Tom Pryce
2Freddie Agabashian
2Nick Heidfeld

Top fastest laps

5Lando Norris
3Chris Amon
3Jean-Pierre Jarier
2Derek Warwick
2Kevin Magnussen
2Nick Heidfeld
2Zhou Guanyu
2Teo Fabi
2Nico Hulkenberg

Top podiums

13Nick Heidfeld
12Stefan Johansson
11Chris Amon
10Lando Norris
10Romain Grosjean
9Eddie Cheever
9Jean Behra
9Martin Brundle
8Luigi Villoresi
5Andrea de Cesaris
4Derek Warwick
3Eugenio Castellotti
3Ivan Capelli
3Masten Gregory
3Jean-Pierre Jarier
3Daniil Kvyat
3Mark Blundell
3Timo Glock
3Tony Maggs
3Alexander Wurz
3Lance Stroll

Most points

534Lando Norris
527Nico Hulkenberg
391Romain Grosjean
259Nick Heidfeld
235Lance Stroll
222Alexander Albon
202Daniil Kvyat
184Kevin Magnussen
125Kamui Kobayashi
124Adrian Sutil
121Paul di Resta
98Martin Brundle
88Stefan Johansson
83Chris Amon
71Derek Warwick
70Eddie Cheever
64Vitaly Petrov
59Andrea de Cesaris
51Timo Glock
51Jean-Eric Vergne

Top championship standing

31955 Eugenio Castellotti
41958 Roy Salvadori
1956 Jean Behra
1952 Rudi Fischer
1950 Louis Rosier
51986 Stefan Johansson
1967 Chris Amon
1954 Karl Kling
1953 Luigi Villoresi
1951 Luigi Villoresi
2007 Nick Heidfeld
61992 Martin Brundle
1987 Stefan Johansson
1960 Olivier Gendebien
1958 Harry Schell
1957 Masten Gregory
1956 Eugenio Castellotti
1952 Robert Manzon
2008 Nick Heidfeld
2021 Lando Norris
71994 Martin Brundle
1993 Martin Brundle
1988 Ivan Capelli
1985 Stefan Johansson
1984 Derek Warwick
1983 Eddie Cheever
1962 Tony Maggs
1957 Harry Schell
1954 Hans Herrmann
1950 Bill Holland
2013 Romain Grosjean
2015 Daniil Kvyat
2018 Nico Hulkenberg
2020 Alexander Albon
2022 Lando Norris
About facts-figures section

All the articles in this section follow the statistical data.

In this section, I'm just trying to find some pattern from a statistical point of view compared to the results from Formula1.