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Formula 1 history and statistics
Drivers, teams, grand prix, all results since 1950

Formula 1 history and statistics

Best rookie F1 drivers by performance

Who is the best rookie in the history of Formula 1? To try to find an answer, we will take into account the performance of the pilots in different scenarios.

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The winner started from pole in 24 racess. In 9 occasions of them the driver has had the fastest lap. In 2013 Fernando Alonso won the race after he started from position 5 (the lowest).

Consecutively wins: (5) Lewis Hamilton (4) Michael Schumacher (3) Mika Hakkinen

Top drivers : Lewis Hamilton (6); Michael Schumacher (6); Mika Hakkinen (3);

Top teams : Ferrari (8); Mercedes (7); Williams (6);

Pole positions

Top drivers at grid Michael Schumacher (7); Lewis Hamilton (6); Kimi Raikkonen (2);

Consecutively poles: (5) Michael Schumacher (3) Lewis Hamilton (2) Mika Hakkinen, Mark Webber

In 2011 Nick Heidfeld started the race from position 24 and finish on 8 (best jump).The worst finish was set by Lewis Hamilton in 2010 when he started from 3 and finish on 14.

Catalunya pit stops average by lap since 2021

Formula 1 Driver Standing

Formula 1 Team Standing

1 Red Bull 248
2 Ferrari 232
3 McLaren 176
4 Mercedes 88
5 Aston Martin 44
6 RB Honda 18
7 Haas 5
8 Alpine 2
9 Williams 2

2024 drivers points by position

2024 winners, lap by lap

2024 Heatmap grid/race

2024 Heatmap grid/fastest lap position

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