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Formula 1 history and statistics
Drivers, teams, grand prix, all results since 1950

Formula 1 history and statistics

10 consecutive wins

At Monza, Max Verstappen managed to break the record of consecutive victories, surpassing Sebastian Vettel who almost 10 years ago managed to win 9 races in a row

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24 September Suzuka preview


The winner started from pole in 16 racess. In 4 occasions of them the driver has had the fastest lap. In 2005 Kimi Raikkonen won the race after he started from position 17 (the lowest).

Consecutively wins: (3) Michael Schumacher (2) Mika Hakkinen, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton

Top drivers : Michael Schumacher (6); Lewis Hamilton (4); Sebastian Vettel (4);

Top teams : McLaren (7); Ferrari (7); Mercedes (6);

Pole positions

Top drivers at grid Michael Schumacher (8); Sebastian Vettel (5); Ayrton Senna (3);

Consecutively poles: (5) Michael Schumacher (4) Sebastian Vettel (3) Ayrton Senna, Nico Rosberg

In 1989 Derek Warwick started the race from position 25 and finish on 6 (best jump).The worst finish was set by Romain Grosjean in 2012 when he started from 4 and finish on 19.

Suzuka pit stops average by lap since 2021

Formula 1 Driver Standing

Formula 1 Team Standing

1 Red Bull 560
2 Mercedes 278
3 Ferrari 239
4 Aston Martin 204
5 McLaren 129
6 Alpine 73
7 Williams 21
8 Alfa Romeo 10
9 Haas 9
10 Alpha Tauri 5

2023 drivers points by position

2023 winners, lap by lap

2023 Heatmap grid/race

2023 Heatmap grid/fastest lap position

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