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Drivers winnings with constructors
Formula One facts and figures

Drivers winnings with constructors

i About facts-figure section.

Every participant in the Formula 1 races wants at least one victory in their career, some succeed in their first race, others in the last race, some reach the top with the most victories participating with one team their entire career and others competing for several teams.

In the top 3 with the most victories for the same team, we have two drivers who will also participate in 2023, namely Lewis Hamilton with 82 victories for Mercedes and Max Verstappen with 45 victories for Red Bull. In second place in this list is Michael Schumacher with 72 victories for Ferrari.

We also have three loyal drivers who have won in Formula 1 competing for only one team in their career. In first place we have Jim Clark who has 25 victories for Lotus followed by two drivers, both with one victory each:

  • Luigi Fagioli in 8 races for Alfa Romeo he has a shared victory after giving way to Giuseppe Farina's car.
  • Gunnar Nilsson with a win in 32 races for Lotus.

Of the drivers who have competed for more than one Formula1 team Striling Moss is the driver with victories for five constructors. He is followed by three drivers with victories alongside four constructors: Juan Manuel Fangio, Jackie Stewart and Alain Prost. Among the drivers of the 2023 season in this top, the best ranked is Fernando Alonso, who has victories with three constructors.

5Stirling MossVanwall,Lotus,Mercedes,Cooper,Maserati
4Juan Manuel FangioMaserati,Mercedes,Alfa Romeo,Ferrari
4Jackie StewartBRM,March,Tyrrell,Matra
4Alain ProstMcLaren,Renault,Ferrari,Williams
3Dan GurneyBrabham,Porsche,Eagle
3John SurteesFerrari,Honda,Cooper
3Carlos ReutemannFerrari,Williams,Brabham
3Niki LaudaFerrari,McLaren,Brabham
3Jody ScheckterTyrrell,Wolf,Ferrari
3Nelson PiquetBrabham,Williams,Benetton
3Gerhard BergerBenetton,Ferrari,McLaren
3Kimi RaikkonenMcLaren,Ferrari,Lotus
3Fernando AlonsoRenault,McLaren,Ferrari
3Jenson ButtonMcLaren,Brawn,Honda
3Sebastian VettelFerrari,Red Bull,Toro Rosso
2Giuseppe FarinaAlfa Romeo,Ferrari
2Maurice TrintignantFerrari,Cooper
2Jack BrabhamCooper,Brabham
2Tony BrooksVanwall,Ferrari
2Graham HillBRM,Lotus
2Bruce McLarenCooper,McLaren
2Jo SiffertBRM,Lotus
2Pedro RodriguezBRM,Cooper
2Denny HulmeMcLaren,Brabham
2Jacky IckxFerrari,Brabham
2Mario AndrettiLotus,Ferrari
2Ronnie PetersonLotus,March
2Clay RegazzoniFerrari,Williams
2Emerson FittipaldiMcLaren,Lotus
2Patrick DepaillerTyrrell,Ligier
2James HuntMcLaren,Hesketh
2John WatsonMcLaren,Penske
2Jacques LaffiteLigier,Talbot
2Alan JonesWilliams,Shadow
2Riccardo PatreseWilliams,Brabham
2Didier PironiFerrari,Ligier
2Rene ArnouxRenault,Ferrari
2Nigel MansellWilliams,Ferrari
2Michele AlboretoTyrrell,Ferrari
2Ayrton SennaMcLaren,Lotus
2Johnny HerbertBenetton,Stewart
2Michael SchumacherBenetton,Ferrari
2Damon HillWilliams,Jordan
2Rubens BarrichelloFerrari,Brawn
2Heinz-Harald FrentzenJordan,Williams
2David CoulthardMcLaren,Williams
2Giancarlo FisichellaRenault,Jordan
2Juan Pablo MontoyaWilliams,McLaren
2Lewis HamiltonMercedes,McLaren
2Sergio PerezRed Bull,Racing Point
2Daniel RicciardoRed Bull,McLaren

Taking into account that statistically the number of pilots who have won by competing for only one team is very small(0.4%), we could say that participating with a larger number of teams would be a solution to obtain a victory in Formula 1.

About facts-figures section

All the articles in this section follow the statistical data.

In this section, I'm just trying to find some pattern from a statistical point of view compared to the results from Formula1.