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On the podium without starting from the front row
Formula One facts and figures

On the podium without starting from the front row

i About facts-figure section.

At each race, at least one driver who did not start from the front line finishes on the podium. On the starting grid, the most frequent case is the drivers who start from the third position, and statistically most of those outside the front row will finish in the second position.

Among the drivers, Kimi Raikkonen achieved this performance 72 times, being followed by Fernando Alonso in 68 races, Alonso still having the chance to surpass him in this statistic. Kimi did not achieve this performance in five seasons, in three seasons succeeding 8 times each (2005, 2007, 2018). He has the most successes driving for Ferrari. In 2006 in Bahrain, he started from the last place and finished the race on the podium ranked third. The most decisive victory he achieved in 2005 at Suzuka when he won the race starting from the 17th position

In the team category, Ferrari took first place with 209 races. The most decisive victory belongs to Rubens Barrichello who won at Hockenheim in 2000 starting from the 18th position. The most successful driver for Ferrari in this category was Michael Schumacher in 43 races. The favorite race for Ferrari in this chapter is Monza, managing to perform in 40 races

Starting position
Race position

Top drivers

72 Kimi Raikkonen
68 Fernando Alonso
66 Michael Schumacher
52 Lewis Hamilton
51 Alain Prost
50 Sebastian Vettel
45 Rubens Barrichello
44 Nelson Piquet
44 Max Verstappen
41 David Coulthard
full list

Top teams *

59Red Bull
* counting only once a race. If more than one car start behind front row and finish on podium will count only once
About facts-figures section

All the articles in this section follow the statistical data.

In this section, I'm just trying to find some pattern from a statistical point of view compared to the results from Formula1.