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Top families from Formula 1
Formula One facts and figures

Top families from Formula 1

i About facts-figure section.

Apart from the total number of F1 family points obtained, the Schumacher family leads all the family rankings in Formula 1 if we add up the performances of all members. But should it also be the best family, we mean that all members have good performances?

The two brothers Michael and Ralf both won 1st place at the end of the race and qualifications. Only Schumacher won the championship title, Ralf finishing 4th in the best season (even if twice in 2001 and 2002, we will take the best ranking once). Mick has the best position in the race on 6th place, as well as on the starting grid, and at the end of the season 16th place last season.

To determine which family had the best results in Formula 1, we will award points according to the race ranking from the 2023 season for the best ranking at the end of the race, podium and end of the season for each member of the family, and the average of the points obtained will use to generate a virtual leaderboard. We will award points only once for the best position, so if a driver has won several races, he will only get 25 as awarded to the winner of the race this season.

If a driver will have best race position 4, best qualification 2 and best position at the end of the season 9 will receive the following points: 12 + 18 + 2

To illustrate we will take three examples.

Bianchi - At the start of race and season end, they didn't get any top 10 ranking, so they will get points only for the end of the race rankings, 15 points for Lucien for 3rd place and 2 points for Jules for 9th place. Bianchi gets a total of 17 points and an average of 8.5 percent for the family.

Brabham - Jack Brabham, the former world champion, gets a total of 75 points for the final 1st place of the race, qualifications and season. His son David has the best ranking at the end of the race, 10th place, this is the only point scored by the two boys of the world champion. Thus the Brabham family collects 76 points and has an average of 25.33

Hill - It is the first father son family who are both world champions. In their case, we have a simple calculation, considering that both had the 1st position at the end of the race, the starting grid and the end of the season. A total of 150 points and an average of 75 points ranks them in first place, but in the following years there will be another family that will equal this score as seen in the table below.

Keke Rosberg111
Nico Rosberg111
Graham Hill111
Damon Hill111
Michael Schumacher111
Mick Schumacher6616
Ralf Schumacher114
Michael Andretti3512
Mario Andretti111
Nelson Piquet111
Nelsinho Piquet2712
Jos Verstappen3610
Max Verstappen111
Gilles Villeneuve112
Jacques Villeneuve111
Jacques Villeneuve Sr.26
Jim Rathmann128
Dick Rathmann5119
Ricardo Rodriguez4212
Pedro Rodriguez126
Ian Scheckter816
Jody Scheckter111
Jackie Stewart111
Jimmy Stewart1115
Jose Dolhem2126
Didier Pironi112
Christian Fittipaldi4613
Pietro Fittipaldi171723
Wilson Fittipaldi5916
Emerson Fittipaldi111
Gary Brabham34
David Brabham1021
Jack Brabham111
Vittorio Brambilla1111
Ernesto Brambilla16
Corrado Fabi711
Teo Fabi319
Satoru Nakajima4612
Kazuki Nakajima6515
Eddie Russo2222
Paul Russo2213
Reg Parnell349
Tim Parnell1027
Jolyon Palmer61017
Jonathan Palmer4911
Peter Whitehead389
Graham Whitehead1212
Andre Pilette5518
Teddy Pilette1727
Lucien Bianchi31217
Jules Bianchi91216
Joachim Winkelhock35
Manfred Winkelhock5522
Markus Winkelhock1722
Jerry Unser3131
Bobby Unser1719

So far, we have two F1 families that finished 1st in the three categories and thus obtained the maximum points, but we will not try to say that one of them is better using other criteria. Schumacher is third, just one point ahead of Andretti. Close in value are Piquet and Verstappen.

Villneuve a good family with a champion and a runner-up, they do not get the podium because Gilles' brother Jaques in the three races did not manage to collect points according to the ranking considered in this article.

We don't want to think that it is the ideal ranking, we just think that it orders the families in Formula 1 a bit, elevating in our top those where all the members had the best performances.

About facts-figures section

All the articles in this section follow the statistical data.

In this section, I'm just trying to find some pattern from a statistical point of view compared to the results from Formula1.