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10 victories in a Formula1 season
Formula One facts and figures

10 victories in a Formula1 season

i About facts-figure section.

Max Verstappen won his tenth victory in the 12th race of the season at Spa 2013. Let's see how many drivers have had 10 victories in a season, how many races they needed to reach this milestone and if it was enough to become champions.

At least 10 victory per seasons

In addition to the 2023 season, Max Verstappen also managed to obtain at least 10 victories in 2021 and 2022. In the 2022 season, he obtained 15 victories, occupying first place in the ranking with the most victories in a single season.

Besides him, Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are the only F1 drivers with at least 10 victories per season.

The first to reach the milestone of 10 wins is Michael Schumache in the 2002 season and then in 2004. He is followed by Sebastien Vettel in 2011 and 2013. Lewis Hamilton has six seasons with at least 10 wins starting from 2014 to 2016 and 2018 to 2020, having a break in the 2017 season, he only got 9 victories.

Number of races needed to have 10 wins

The fastest was Michael Schumacher who in the 2004 Formula1 season needed 11 races, in the sixth race of the season in Monte Carlo, Schumacher had to abandon after an incident with Montoya.

Hamilton in 2016 and Verstappen in 2021 achieved their tenth victory in the very last race of the season.

15 Max Verstappen2022
13 Michael Schumacher2004
13 Sebastian Vettel2013
11 Michael Schumacher2002
11 Sebastian Vettel2011
11 Lewis Hamilton2014
11 Lewis Hamilton2018
11 Lewis Hamilton2019
11 Lewis Hamilton2020
10 Lewis Hamilton2015
10 Lewis Hamilton2016
10 Max Verstappen2023
10 Max Verstappen2021

Although in the presented Formula1 seasons the pilots had the most victories, in 2016 for Lewis Hamilton the 10 victories were not enough to obtain the title of world champion. With a difference of 5 points, Nico Rosberg in that season stole the title with 9 victories, but in the rest of the races, he finished better than Hamilton. Apart from this case, pilots with 10 victories in a season also became world champions in the respective seasons.

About facts-figures section

All the articles in this section follow the statistical data.

In this section, I'm just trying to find some pattern from a statistical point of view compared to the results from Formula1.