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19th century
Formula One facts and figures

19th century

i About facts-figure section.

We have eight drivers who were born in the 19th century, all of them are European and during the nine seasons that they participated in F1, they never crossed the ocean for the races in Indianapolis or Buenos Aires, nor in Africa for the race in Ain Diab Casablanca from 1958.

In 1950 at the first race at Silverstone we have three drivers Etancelin, Chiron and Fagioli, Fagioli taking second place. The three will be the only ones from the list who will participate in all the races from 1950, except for the Spa-Francochamps race where Chiron was absent and all of them from Indianapolis.

In the 1954 and 1957 seasons none of the drivers will compete, and in 1955, 1956 and 1958 only Chiron will participate, in each season only in the Monte Carlo race.

Percentage of races with at least one driver from 19th century entrant per season

The best results were achieved by Fagioli with four races finished in second place and one in third place, plus a shared victory with Fangio. Chiron also managed to finish once on the podium, third place

The best ranking at the end of the season belongs to Fagioli, who took 2nd place in 1950 and 11th in 1951. in 1950, Chiron 9th place and Etancelin 18th place also appear in the final ranking

Only Fagioli managed to "win" a race, at Rheims in 1951. Teammate with Fangio, at the pit stop he was asked to change the car. Fangio will win the race with his car, and Fagioli finishes in 11th position in his teammate's car. Angry at the team's decision, he gave up competing, this being his last race. Fagioli has five podium finishes, all in 1950, and we count as the sixth when Fangio took the car.

Louis Chiron participated in six seasons, in the second race at home in Monte Carlo he managed to finish on the podium. In 1958, his last season, he participated at the age of 58 in the Monte Carlo race, but failed to qualify. This places him in first place as the oldest F1 driver and is also the last race in which a driver born in the 19th century participates.

Adolf Brudes von Breslau only participated in the Nurburgring in 1952, where after only 5 laps he had to retire due to engine problems. Among the pilots of the 19th century, he was the last to die in 1986

The Belgian Arthur Legat only participated at home in the Spa-Francochamps races in 1952 and 1953. In the 1952 race he started and finished in 13th position. In both races he competed for his own team that bears his name, these being the only races for team.

Bill Aston participated in the 1952 season in three races. The first time at Silverstone, he qualified in the thirtieth place but failed to participate in the race, at the Nurburgring he abandoned after the first lap, having oil problems, and at Monza he failed to pass the qualifications.

Hans Stuck participated in four races, two each in the 1952 and 1953 seasons. In 1953, he competed for his own team that bears his name, in the last race he finished in 14th place, this being the first race he finished. He has a son, who will become an F1 driver, who will surpass his father, even having two podium finishes

Philippe Etancelin participated in the first three seasons, in the last 2 races of the 1950 season, obtaining points. At the Rheims race, he started from fourth position, but after 26 laps, he left his teammate's the car, finishing in fifth position, thus sharing the points. With twelve races, he is second in participation among drivers born in the 19th century. The points obtained at Monza in the 1950 season also bring him the first place for the oldest pilot who managed to obtain points at the age of 53.

Piero Dusio, participated in the Monza race in 1952 but failed to qualify due to engine problems. He is better known in the world of football, being an active player at Juventus, even being the president of the club from 1942 to 1948

List of 19th century Formula1 drivers

Adolf Brudes von Breslau GERMANY 1899-10-15 1986-11-05 1
Arthur Legat BELGIUM 1898-11-01 1960-03-23 2
Bill Aston GREAT BRITAIN 1900-03-29 1974-03-04 3
Hans Stuck GERMANY 1900-12-27 1978-02-08 4
Louis Chiron MONACO 1899-08-03 1979-06-22 19 1
Luigi Fagioli ITALY 1898-06-09 1952-06-20 7 1 6
Philippe Etancelin FRANCE 1896-12-28 1981-10-13 12
Piero Dusio ITALY 1899-10-13 1975-11-07 1

List of entrance

1950-05-13SilverstoneLuigi Fagioli22
1950-05-13SilverstonePhilippe Etancelin814
1950-05-13SilverstoneLouis Chiron1811
1950-05-21Monte CarloLouis Chiron38
1950-05-21Monte CarloPhilippe Etancelin94
1950-05-21Monte CarloLuigi Fagioli125
1950-06-04BremgartenLuigi Fagioli23
1950-06-04BremgartenLouis Chiron916
1950-06-04BremgartenPhilippe Etancelin136
1950-06-18Spa-FrancorchampsLuigi Fagioli23
1950-06-18Spa-FrancorchampsPhilippe Etancelin136
1950-07-02RheimsLuigi Fagioli23
1950-07-02RheimsPhilippe Etancelin54
1950-07-02RheimsLouis Chiron1514
1950-09-03MonzaLuigi Fagioli35
1950-09-03MonzaPhilippe Etancelin516
1950-09-03MonzaLouis Chiron2119
1951-05-27BremgartenLouis Chiron719
1951-05-27BremgartenPhilippe Etancelin1012
1951-06-17Spa-FrancorchampsLouis Chiron109
1951-06-17Spa-FrancorchampsPhilippe Etancelin1310
1951-07-01RheimsLuigi Fagioli17
1951-07-01RheimsLouis Chiron68
1951-07-01RheimsLuigi Fagioli117
1951-07-01RheimsPhilippe Etancelin1410
1951-07-14SilverstoneLouis Chiron1913
1951-07-29NurburgringPhilippe Etancelin2021
1951-07-29NurburgringLouis Chiron2113
1951-09-16MonzaLouis Chiron1317
1951-10-28PedralbesPhilippe Etancelin813
1951-10-28PedralbesLouis Chiron1812
1952-05-18BremgartenHans Stuck1814
1952-06-22Spa-FrancorchampsArthur Legat1313
1952-07-06RouenPhilippe Etancelin816
1952-07-19SilverstoneBill Aston3230
1952-08-03NurburgringAdolf Brudes von Breslau1719
1952-08-03NurburgringBill Aston2221
1952-09-07MonzaHans Stuck2833
1952-09-07MonzaBill Aston3131
1952-09-07MonzaPiero Dusio3535
1953-06-21Spa-FrancorchampsArthur Legat2019
1953-07-05RheimsLouis Chiron1525
1953-07-18SilverstoneLouis Chiron2929
1953-08-02NurburgringHans Stuck3223
1953-08-23BremgartenLouis Chiron210
1953-09-13MonzaLouis Chiron1025
1953-09-13MonzaHans Stuck1429
1955-05-22Monte CarloLouis Chiron619
1956-05-13Monte CarloLouis Chiron180
1958-05-18Monte CarloLouis Chiron210
About facts-figures section

All the articles in this section follow the statistical data.

In this section, I'm just trying to find some pattern from a statistical point of view compared to the results from Formula1.