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10 consecutive wins
Formula One facts and figures

10 consecutive wins

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The first win belongs to Giussepe Farina at the first official Formula 1 race. Also in the first season, Juan Manuel Fangio manages to obtain two consecutive wins at Rheims.

For three Formula1 consecutive wins, we have to wait until the 1952 season when Alberto Ascari at Silverstone obtained the third consecutive win. The next three races from 1952 are all won by Ascari, thus reaching six consecutive wins. In the following season, 1953, the first race was also won by Ascari, thus reaching seven consecutive wins.

In the first seasons of Formula 1, the calendar includes the Indianapolis race, but in which many drivers from Europe do not participate.

Alberto Ascari not participating in the Indianapolis race stops his streak of consecutive wins. Interesting, because if we exclude this race, Ascari, who is going to win the next two races, would have reached nine consecutive wins in 1953, or if he wins Indianapolis even the tenth.

Alberto Ascari's record from 1953 will only be broken almost 60 years later, when Sebastien Vettel takes his eighth consecutive wins in Austin, and then in the next race at Interlagos, he takes his streak to nine in the very last race of the season. An engine failure causes him to retire in the first race of 2014 after only 3 laps, thus interrupting the streak.

Another ten years will pass, until Max Verstappen gets his tenth F1 consecutive win at Monza in 2023.

Top consecutive wins occurrence by season

Most consecutive wins progress

1Giuseppe Farina1950-05-13Silverstone
2Juan Manuel Fangio1950-07-02Rheims
3Alberto Ascari1952-07-19Silverstone
4Alberto Ascari1952-08-03Nurburgring
5Alberto Ascari1952-08-17Zandvort
6Alberto Ascari1952-09-07Monza
7Alberto Ascari1953-01-18Buenos Aires
8Sebastian Vettel2013-11-17Austin
9Sebastian Vettel2013-11-24Interlagos
10Max Verstappen2023-09-03Monza

Apart from Farina and Fangio, the other two drivers managed to increase the number of consecutive wins, Ascari even five times, from 3 to 7, and Vettel twice from 8 to 9. We will see if Verstappen managed to raises the bar with one or more victories in the following F1 races.

About facts-figures section

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