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Decades - F1 wins by age
Formula One facts and figures

Decades - F1 wins by age

i About facts-figure section.

The youngest drivers F1 winners by age seems to be more constant, varying between 18 and 24 years, while for the older ones we have an interval from 36 to 55. The graph of the youngest drivers with victories per decade seems more balanced. The one for the elderly seems to show ups and downs every decade, like the teeth of a saw.

The average age of the drivers who won an F1 race has the biggest jump in the 50s, years in which we also have the oldest drivers winning a race. Until the 70s, the average age decreases, to rise very slowly in the following two decades. From the 90s when the average age was 31.41, in the next four decades it will gradually decrease until 28.04 in our decade.

Youngest, oldest and average F1 wins by age

The most F1 wins by age of drivers seem to be between 25 and 35 years old, with a peak of form at the age of 29.

For drivers over 42 years old, apart from the 50s, we have a win in the 70s, which seems to give us the impression that with advancing age after 40 years, according to the graphs, the chance of winning a race decreases. With the observation that in the 50's the oldest were with great chances, those aged 43 having the most victories of that decade

The youngest drivers wining a race appear only starting with the 2000 season, until then we only have two wins in the 50s and one in the 60s for drivers as young as 22. Until the 70s, we only had 10 races won by drivers under 25 years old. The 70s, and 90 race winners at the age of 25 seem to be a constant presence, with a few cases even of 23 and 24 years old. Starting with the year 2000, as I mentioned, young drivers start to be present among the winners, those aged 25 occupying the first place with 16 victories.

F1 wins by age and decades

About facts-figures section

All the articles in this section follow the statistical data.

In this section, I'm just trying to find some pattern from a statistical point of view compared to the results from Formula1.