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Mexico City F1 Grand Prix
races and statistics on Mexico City F1 circuit

Mexico City F1 Grand Prix

Mexico City facts


The winner started from pole in 10 racess. In 3 occasions of them the driver has had the fastest lap. In 1990 Alain Prost won the race after he started from position 13 (the lowest).

Consecutively wins: (2) Max Verstappen

Top drivers : Max Verstappen (4); Nigel Mansell (2); Alain Prost (2);

Top teams : Red Bull (4); Williams (3); McLaren (3);

Pole positions

Top drivers at grid Jim Clark (4); Ayrton Senna (3); Nigel Mansell (2);

Consecutively poles: (3) Jim Clark (2) Ayrton Senna

In 1987 Philippe Alliot started the race from position 24 and finish on 6 (best jump).The worst finish was set by Ayrton Senna in 1990 when he started from 3 and finish on 20.

Top drivers« » Top teams

Fastest laps

SeasonDriverFastest lap
1968 Jo Siffert 1:05.220
1991 Nigel Mansell 1:16.788
1992 Gerhard Berger 1:17.711
2021 Valtteri Bottas 1:17.774
1990 Alain Prost 1:17.958

clossest time difference between 1st and 2nd position

1st placeDifference2nd placeDate
Max Verstappen Red Bull +15.186s Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 30 Oct 2022
Riccardo Patrese Williams -00:01.336 Nigel Mansell Williams 16 Jun 1991
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes -00:01.766 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 27 Oct 2019
Denny Hulme McLaren -00:02.560 Jacky Ickx Motor Racing Developments 19 Oct 1969
Richie Ginther Honda -00:02.890 Dan Gurney Brabham 24 Oct 1965

bigest time difference between 1st and 2nd position

1st placeDifference2nd placeDate
Nico Rosberg Mercedes -01:954 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1 Nov 2015
Jim Clark Lotus -01:41.100 Jack Brabham Brabham 27 Oct 1963
Jim Clark Lotus -01:25.360 Jack Brabham Brabham 22 Oct 1967
Graham Hill Lotus -01:19.320 Bruce McLaren McLaren 3 Nov 1968
Dan Gurney Brabham -01:08.940 John Surtees North American Racing Team 25 Oct 1964

F1 seasons

Season Winner Pole position
2022 Max Verstappen Red Bull Max Verstappen Red Bull
2021 Max Verstappen Red Bull Valtteri Bottas Mercedes
2019 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Charles Leclerc Ferrari
2018 Max Verstappen Red Bull Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull
2017 Max Verstappen Red Bull Sebastian Vettel Ferrari
2016 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
2015 Nico Rosberg Mercedes Nico Rosberg Mercedes
1992 Nigel Mansell Williams Nigel Mansell Williams
1991 Riccardo Patrese Williams Riccardo Patrese Williams
1990 Alain Prost Ferrari Gerhard Berger McLaren
1989 Ayrton Senna McLaren Ayrton Senna McLaren
1988 Alain Prost McLaren Ayrton Senna McLaren
1987 Nigel Mansell Williams Nigel Mansell Williams
1986 Gerhard Berger Benetton Ayrton Senna Lotus
1970 Jacky Ickx Ferrari Clay Regazzoni Ferrari
1969 Denny Hulme McLaren Jack Brabham Motor Racing Developments
1968 Graham Hill Lotus Jo Siffert Rob Walker Racing
1967 Jim Clark Lotus Jim Clark Lotus
1966 John Surtees Cooper John Surtees Cooper
1965 Richie Ginther Honda Jim Clark Lotus
1964 Dan Gurney Brabham Jim Clark Lotus
1963 Jim Clark Lotus Jim Clark Lotus