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Clemar Bucci Formula One 1955
1955 F1 season for Clemar Bucci

Clemar Bucci Formula One 1955

1955 facts

Best starting position20 X 1
Best finishing position9 X 1
Points finishes0
First row starts0

Clemar Bucci 1955 evolution

The graph below shows the evolution from 1955. Green represent races where Clemar Bucci finished better than the starting grid, and red colors where lost positions compared to the beginning.

Clemar Bucci 1955 Grand Prix entrance list

1 16 Jan Buenos Aires Maserati 9 20   54 laps
2 22 May Monte Carlo  
3 30 May Indianapolis  
4 05 Jun Spa-Francorchamps  
5 19 Jun Zandvoort  
6 16 Jul Aintree  
7 11 Sep Monza