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Rheims F1 Grand Prix
races and statistics on Rheims F1 circuit

Rheims F1 Grand Prix

Rheims facts


The winner started from pole in 8 racess. In 5 occasions of them the driver has had the fastest lap. In 1961 Giancarlo Baghetti won the race after he started from position 12 (the lowest).

Consecutively wins: (2) Juan Manuel Fangio

Top drivers : Juan Manuel Fangio (3); Jack Brabham (2); Mike Hawthorn (2);

Top teams : Ferrari (4); Alfa Romeo (3); Cooper (1);

Pole positions

Top drivers at grid Juan Manuel Fangio (4); Luigi Fagioli (1); Peter Collins (1);

Consecutively poles: (3) Juan Manuel Fangio

In 1958 Wolfgang von Trips started the race from position 21 and finish on 3 (best jump).The worst finish was set by Harry Schell in 1956 when he started from 0 and finish on 10.

Top drivers« » Top teams

Fastest laps

SeasonDriverFastest lap
1966 Lorenzo Bandini 2:11.300
1960 Jack Brabham 2:17.500
1963 Jim Clark 2:21.600
1959 Stirling Moss 2:24.900
1958 Mike Hawthorn 2:24.900

clossest time difference between 1st and 2nd position

1st placeDifference2nd placeDate
Juan Manuel Fangio Mercedes -00:00.100 Karl Kling Mercedes 4 Jul 1954
Giancarlo Baghetti FISA -00:00.100 Dan Gurney Porsche 2 Jul 1961
Peter Collins Ferrari -00:00.300 Eugenio Castellotti Ferrari 1 Jul 1956
Mike Hawthorn Ferrari -00:01.000 Juan Manuel Fangio Maserati 5 Jul 1953
Jack Brabham Brabham -00:09.500 Mike Parkes Ferrari 3 Jul 1966

bigest time difference between 1st and 2nd position

1st placeDifference2nd placeDate
Jim Clark Lotus -01:04.900 Tony Maggs Cooper 30 Jun 1963
Luigi Fagioli Alfa Romeo -00:58.200 Jose Froilan Gonzalez Ferrari 1 Jul 1951
Juan Manuel Fangio Alfa Romeo -00:58.200 Jose Froilan Gonzalez Ferrari 1 Jul 1951
Jack Brabham Cooper -00:48.300 Olivier Gendebien Yeoman Credit Racing 3 Jul 1960
Tony Brooks Ferrari -00:27.500 Phil Hill Ferrari 5 Jul 1959

F1 seasons

Season Winner Pole position
1966 Jack Brabham Brabham Lorenzo Bandini Ferrari
1963 Jim Clark Lotus Jim Clark Lotus
1961 Giancarlo Baghetti FISA Phil Hill Ferrari
1960 Jack Brabham Cooper Jack Brabham Cooper
1959 Tony Brooks Ferrari Tony Brooks Ferrari
1958 Mike Hawthorn Ferrari Mike Hawthorn Ferrari
1956 Peter Collins Ferrari Peter Collins Ferrari
1954 Juan Manuel Fangio Mercedes Juan Manuel Fangio Mercedes
1953 Mike Hawthorn Ferrari Alberto Ascari Ferrari
1951 Luigi Fagioli Alfa Romeo Luigi Fagioli Alfa Romeo
1950 Juan Manuel Fangio Alfa Romeo Juan Manuel Fangio Alfa Romeo