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Stefano Modena Formula 1 driver
F1 Stefano Modena profile

Stefano Modena Formula 1 driver

F1 seasons
Stefano Modena
Date of birth1963 May 12
First Race Adelaide 1987
Last Race Adelaide 1992
Year active1987 » 1992
Best championship position 8th 1 time
Grands Prix entered81
Best race starting position 2 X 1
Best race finishing position 2 X 1
Pole positions0
First row start1
Fastest lap0
Points finishes6

Championship position

Starting grid positions

Final race positions

Positions heatmap (starting grid / final race)

Statistics by age

Average pole and final position by age

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Career chart profile

Seasons: nr of season from first GP until the last.

Juan Manuel Fangio started in 1950 and had last race in 1958. But he skipped 1952 season.

#Grand Prix: nr of GrandPrix in all seasons.

100% for Kimi Raikkonen even he did not start in 2010 and 2011 but in those seasons there were no new GrandPrix except in the other seasons he started

not 100% for Damon Hill. At debut in 1982 did not start the first three GP. In that season was the last race GP Kyalami.

GP entered: total number of races from all seasons.

Not 100% if a driver did not start at least a race, or entered in all but skip a season

Victories, Podiums, Pole positions, Fastest laps, Finish in points: percentage from total race entrance

Points: percentage from total points he could get if win all races, and bonus if availabe(ex 1 point for fastest lap)

Stefano Modena, F1 partners

Points Partner(s)Race
Vict.Poles PodiumsFastLap
1992 17th 1 Mauricio Gugelmin 16
1991 8th 10 Satoru Nakajima 16 1
1990 17th 2 Gregor Foitek , David Brabham 16
1989 16th 4 Martin Brundle 16 1
1988 Oscar Larrauri 16
1987 Andrea de Cesaris 1