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1982 - A year to forget,but ... not for ROSBERG!
Formula One article

1982 - A year to forget,but ... not for ROSBERG!

Many innovations this year: carbon-fiber mixed with kevlar unless aluminum for chassis, brakes and wings, besides refueling and tyres changes during race. Even with the new rules of minimum weight, 580kg, when this year began neither Rosberg, nor Williams team could imagine they would be champion. But it was their presdestination. Until the 12th race of the season it seemed that Pironi would be easily champion. But he suffered an accident that put him out of contention for the rest of the season. Renault, McLaren and Brabham were not able to beat Williams consitence.

1 - SOUTH AFRICA The drivers made a protest against the new rule for superlicence defined by FIA, but with a big pressure of team owners, sponsors, they decided to race... In a better atmosphere conditions for turbocharged cars, the Renault were unbeatable. Arnoux and Prost controlled the race, but Arnoux had problems, droping to 3rd, so Prost won easily. Reutemann marked a strong 2nd for Williams. Good presentation for McLaren, with both drivers, Lauda and Watson finishing in points. Brabham debuted his new BT50, powered with 4 cylinder BMW-Turbo and Piquet/Patrese were 2nd and 4th on the grid, but both wouldn't finish the race.

2 - BRAZIL Brabham team decided to race with their reliable last year champion chassis BT49, with Ford engine. Starting from 7th Piquet managed a great race and won, with Rosberg 2nd, but...then FIA disqualified both delivering the victory to Prost. Underweight was the oficial explanation for that. By realty, Williams, Brabham, Lotus, Arrows and McLaren some of the non turbo teams - had invented a trick: they used a box supposed to be for cooling-brakes system. When check before race the box was always filled, but after the race absolutely empty, so...but the FOCA teams appealed.

3 - USA_WEST De Cesaris (Alfa) led until Lauda overtook him and dominated the race, also demonstrating that two seasons out of races made no difference for his incredible determination. The italian tried to fight, but a spun-off ended his race. Lauda and all the drivers in points were in non-turbo cars, what demonstrated how difficult was this track for the turbo, besides being slow-speed. Villeneuve was disqualified from his 3rd, because a irregular wing.

4 - SAN MARINO Big discussion between FOCA and FISA. As FISA denied the appeal made from FOCA teams in Brazil, they didn't attend this GP. Only 14 cars were on the grid: Ferrari, Renault, Alfa Romeo, Toleman, Tyrrell, Osella and ATS. But the race was amazing. A strong fight between Arnoux and the Ferrari's drivers: Villeneuve and Pironi. Arnoux led from pole the first 26 laps, then Villeneuve stayed in front 4 laps, when Arnoux retook it and sustained for the next 14 laps, until had engine failure. Pironi, who was always following them, overtook Villeneuve and led for 3 laps. Both would change positions three times more, when, in the beginning of the last lap, as the canadian were in front the team ordered the french to stay behind him, but...he astonished his team-mate, overtaking him at Tosa stoling the victory at the very last!

5 - BELGIUM This race will be always marked as the last for Gilles Villeneuve, as he died in the practices. He was in a flying lap, when suddenly saw Mass (March) in a very slow speed. The crash was very strong. His Ferrari was launched to the air, crushing itself in the ground, while Gilles with his seat throwned out of the car. The canadian hit the barriers and died. Ferrari retired from the race. Watson won, surpassed Rosberg two laps before the chequered flag. Piquet scored first points for Brabham-BMW, as did Serra with Fittipaldi. Lauda (3rd) was disqualified by underwight of his McLaren.

6 - MONACO In a race that nobody knows will forget the last two laps, Patrese got the chequered flag, with BT49. Not only lucky, but very surprised!. Both Renault drivers led since the start: Arnoux (14 laps) and Prost (59 laps), but both crashed! Patrese took the led at 74th lap, but Pironi  with the only Ferrari in race  overtook him, but had eletrical problems in the following and very last lap, allowing the italian to retake it at Lowes! Even the 3rd place De Cesaris didn't cruised the finish line as he stopped without fuel at the lasp lap! What a race!

7 - USA_EST In a very hot and sunny conditions, Prost and Rosberg led the way, but again Watson was the driver to survive and won, with the home idol Cheever (Ligir-Matra) in 2nd! Pironi was a strong 3rd.

8 - CANADA Starting from pole, Pironi let his engine die and all drivers had to avoid him. Everydoy unless Riccardo Paletti (Osella Alfa Romeo). Unfortunately he, who started from 23rd, was not able to see the stationary Ferrari, crashing heavily the italian car! He died instantly, but Pironi could let his car unhurt... In the re-start, Pironi led the first lap with T-car, then Arnoux took the front, but Piquet overtook him and won for the first time with BMW engine. Brabham also had Patrese in 2nd, but with Ford engine!

9 - NETHERLANDS Pironi recovered from bad result in Canda, won at Zandvoort, with Piquet in 2nd making another great race for Brabham-BMW. P.Tambay took Gilles place at Ferrari.

10 - GREAT-BRITAIN Piquet start from 3rd, took the front but had fuel pump failure, what allowed Lauda to win the race easily, 25 seconds ahead Pironi. From Tambay, 3rd to Giacomelli in 7th, there was a margin of 3'5 seconds only!

11 - FRANCE Arnoux took his home town victory, but he was not the one Renault team wanted to win. After had a brief leading, Patrese and Piquet surpassed him at third lap, but the italian had a broken engine few laps ahead. Piquet assumed the lead, but also had a engine failure. Then, Arnoux could retake the lead, but received a order to let Prost, who was in 2nd, pass him. But he did not obeyed and won. Pironi and Tambay were 3rd and 4th, with Rosberg in 5th.

12 - GERMANY Another terrible week-end for Ferrari. Pironi  who had guaranteed the pole on Friday - had his legs broken in a tremendous shunt in the Saturday practices. It was raining heavily and he couldn't see Prost's Renault slowing in the track, colliding his back and the barriers. Also Lauda had an accident that impedited him to race on Sunday. In the race, Arnoux took the lead, but was immediately overtaken by Piquet. The brazilian pooled away and was in "sunday driving" when ...a latecomer Salazar just missed the braking point before the second chicane and put him out of the race!. The brazilian became furious, jumped out of the car and gave some punchs and kicks still using helmet!! Tambay won the race to alleviated Ferrari's bad week-end. After the race the standings were: Pironi  39 where group by Watson -30 where group by Rosberg  27 and Prost  25

13 - AUSTRIA Piquet, pole, start leading, with eletrical failures, let his team-mate, Patrese, overtook him. The italian led until had engine problems.Then Prost, but also had to abandon. So the race fall in De Angelis hands. But he had a colossal opponent: Rosberg cruised the line just 0.050/1000 of seconds behind in a amazing final!

14 - SWITZERLAND The race took place in Dijon, France. And the Renault team completely dominated the front row, but in the race...after Arnoux led the 1st lap, Prost took the front and dreamed with a victory, but the destiny didn't allow them. Two laps before the end, Rosberg overtook a slowing Prost, who arrived in 2nd yet. This would be his unique victory this year, but he could took the championship lead, with 42 points, ahead of Pironi (39) and Watson (30)!

15 - ITALY Once more the turbo-charged cars dominated the race, with Arnoux leading from light to flag, followed by the two Ferraris driven by Tambay and Andretti. The incredible is that Mario marked the pole, 0'353 ahead of his team-mate, stoling the pole from Piquet in a final qualifying lap, what made the brazilian shot: "Well, someday I will drive like that..."! , joking with the fact that american was five months far from F1 cars! Prost had fuel injection problems and abandoned the race and his chances of being champion. Watson,4th, sustained the hope for the final battle with Rosberg in USA_EST, now with 33 points. Rosberg finished 8th, remainning with 42 points.

16 - USA-EST The only concern of Rosberg was John Watson. If Watson won the race and Rosberg score no points, Watson would be declared champion. Both would have 42 points, but the irish had more victories that the finn. So, Rosberg should be in points, just in case... He would start in 6th place and Watson in 9th. So, he managed to controll the race, as his team-mate, Daly, was just behind him. Arnoux once more led, but abandoned. Prost had to slow, so Alboreto, in a surprising Tyrrell, took the lead and won, with 27 seconds of difference from a valiant Watson. Rosberg finished 5th catching the title. Ferrari team could celebrate the constructors championship, but certainly with a very bad taste ...

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Wroten by : Alexandre Vasconcellos, BRAZIL